“Vaccine OR Testing” Campaign Launched

A family advocate and an educational leader (also a
registered nurse with a PhD in aged care) are making a joint
application to get a rapid COVID test authorised in New
Zealand so that thousands of kiwis don’t lose their jobs
on the 16th November under the Government’s proposed ‘no
jab no job’ mandate.

A joint application has been
made to import, distribute and use The Sienna Covid-19 Rapid
Antigen Test on behalf of workplaces, community groups,
places of faith, and families who have workers or family
members who with good conscience do not want to take the

The rapid antigen test has been approved
by the FDA
. It is a self-contained Naso-pharyngeal test,
needing no machine, is up to 99% accurate, takes 10 minutes
to get the result, and affordable for those who don’t want
to take the vaccine.

It will be the obligation of
those not jabbed to provide proof of regular testing. This
alternative approach will – as the FDA
recently said
– help meet the public health needs as we
respond to COVID.

While both applicants have chosen to
be double-jabbed and support the vaccination programme, they
are justifiably concerned that New Zealanders may be
excluded from their teaching
or nursing
job, or sporting
, or going
to their marae
, going to church
or the mosque
or the gym
or hair salon
, university
to study
, weddings,
family members in prison
, attending
– and there are many other examples – because
they have chosen out of good
not to be vaccinated.

We are looking
for a reasonable and workable middle ground that doesn’t
divide the country and set
family members against each other

A divided
society with a ‘no jab no job’ mandate does not sit well
with many New Zealanders – even those who support the
vaccine programme. Unfortunately, under the current proposal
by the Government, thousands and thousands of kiwis are
going to lose their jobs in the next couple of weeks. It’s
just not the kiwi way.

With new developments
on treatments, the approach
to COVID is constantly evolving. We need a cautious approach
– but also flexibility as we learn more about the disease
and treatment.

We have received support from teachers,
education leaders, medical professionals, politicians, and
church leaders from a number of faiths for this
middle-ground approach.

An accompanying petition
“Don’t Divide Us.nz” has also
been launched – “We oppose the ‘no jab no job’
policy, which will create a divided New Zealand. We call on
the Government to allow the use of COVID rapid antigen
testing as an alternative for unvaccinated kiwis to access
workplaces, schools, maraes, large gatherings, and places of

We call for an approach to COVID that
targets the disease without dividing the

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