Strong upswing next year

Berlin (dpa) – The Federal Government does not envisage a strong upturn in the German economy until next year. Growth expectations for 2021 have been downgraded. After slumping because of the pandemic in 2020, gross domestic product is predicted by the government to increase by 2.6 percent this year – a rise of 3.5 percent … Read more

Bundestag has a female president once again

Berlin (dpa) – For the first time in more than 20 years, a woman has been elected president of the Bundestag, namely Bärbel Bas. The 53-year-old SPD politician received 576 of 724 votes cast at the constituent session of the new Bundestag in Berlin on Tuesday. Bas is the third woman in the history of … Read more

DER SPIEGEL – App Update

Aktualisieren Sie bitte Ihre App. Wir haben unsere DER SPIEGEL App erneuert. Leider funktionieren deshalb ältere App-Versionen aus technischen Gründen nicht mehr. Um weiterhin kostenlos Nachrichten, Analysen und Reportagen zu lesen, aktualisieren Sie bitte Ihre App: Source link